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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Here at Website Promoters we are experts in SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Website Promoters is an Orange County SEO Company that is dedicated to your success.

Start getting more traffic and business.

We understand, when doing business with a new company, it takes time to get to know them. Time to see if they are a good fit for you. We never lock our clients into long-term contracts. In fact, we do not even offer them as an option! No gimmicks of a 10% discount, if you pay a year in advance. We work hard to get our clients results. At the end of the day, results are all that matter!

Our SEO packages are complete and thorough. We start by talking with the client about their existing situation. We learn about how they have been promoting their Website in the past. We discuss their goals going forward, and develop a realistic plan to move forward. Achieving high rankings in Google and other search engines is not an overnight project. It is something that takes careful planning. There are different phases of implementing, a realistic SEO plan. Below is a brief outline, of the process we use for our SEO clients:

1. Client initial meeting to discuss their needs and desires.

2. Analysis of the client’s Website, to determine what changes if any need to be made to it. Correct Website content and design is critical.

3. In conjunction with the client, we proceed to make needed Website modifications.

4. After the needed changes to the website have been made, we begin working on Off-Site SEO. This allows us to raise awareness of the Website. We implement a long-term program, of custom article writing, and blog post creation.

5. We constantly monitor Website traffic and provide the client with Monthly reports outlining their websites current ranking trends.

It is important to have a plan to optimize all aspects of SEO.

When beginning to provide SEO services for a website, we need to optimize the site content, the site Meta Tags, and other aspects of site content. Meta tags are an important part of fixing the content of a website. Off-Site SEO, will help build awareness across the Internet, of what your company has to offer.

It is important to include at the minimum the following Meta Tags on each page of their Website:

  1. Title Tag – This is generally what the search engine will use for the Title of the Search Engine listing for the site. The “Title Tag” is also one of the most important elements to get correct. The search engines will use the text of the “Title Tag” as an indication of what the content on the Web Page is about.
  2. H1 Tags – The “H1” – “Heading 1” tags are another very important indicator to Search Engines as to the content of Web Pages. It makes sense that if a person “Highlights” a particular piece of content with “H1” tags than it must be important.
  3. H2 and H3 Tags – H2 and H3 Tags would maybe be the heading of a subsection on a Web Page. Search engines will still give some weight to H2 and H3 Tags, but they are not as important as good “H1” tags. Also you should limit the use of “H1” tags to a maximum of one (1) per page, and it should be placed as near the top of the page as possible.
  4. Keyword Meta Tag – The Keyword Meta Tag is a list of important words that the webmaster wants the search engine to see. (Website Promoters, Professional Website Promoters, Website Promotion, Professional Website Promotion). The keywords relate to Website content and common terms that people would use while searching for sites with similar content. As shown the “Key Words” should be separated by commas.
  5. Description Meta Tag – The Description Meta Tag is basically a short paragraph about the website, that some search engines use as the Description of the Website in their Search Engine. The following is an example of a typical Description Meta Tag – (Website Promotion by professional Website Promoters. Best practice White Hat Website promotion techniques help you rank successfully on the major search engines.) There are other Meta Tags to consider using, but always make sure each page of your website contains the above mentioned three (3) Meta tags targeted specifically to the content of the pages they are on.
  6. Anchor Tags – Anchor Tags allow you to embed links directly into your content, directing people to content you feel is valuable and relevant to the topic at hand. The text of the link should directly relate to the “Key Word” that you are targeting with the target of the link. If you are linking to a page with content about Website Promotion you may use a link like shown here.

Quality Website Content…

Quality onsite content is critical if you want to rank well in the search engines. The quality of the Website Content is Critical. It needs to be relevant, and relate to the “Keywords” you are targeting. Create interesting Content, and you will get more traffic. Search Engines like Popular Websites. When a Website gets a lot of Quality traffic, the Search Engines use this as a vote of the overall quality of the site. Search Engines are very good at telling what is, and is not quality traffic. Quality Content, will also encourage people to link to your content, helping to create more “Third Party Links”.

It is important that the site content is optimized on a page by page basis to strongly associate the keywords being targeted by each specific page. For example, if you are going to target specific keywords associated with “Dentists in Orange California”, than it would be important to write your content in a way that each page focuses on one (1) or two (2) specific keywords. The keywords “Dentists in Orange California”, and “Dentists Orange California” are very, very different. Just the omission of the word “IN”, between the words “Dentists” and “Orange” creates an entirely different search term, and a given website page will rank differently for each term.

Third Party Links (Back Links)…

Backlinks are another important part of Search Engine Optimization. When third-party sites link to content on your Website, that tells the Search Engines that your content is popular. Sites that are popular, tend to rank higher, than less popular Web sites. If you are associated with other sites, it is always a good idea to have them provide a link to your website content. For example, if you have a Website about cooking, it would be very helpful to have other cooking sites link to yours. People who like your recipes could link to your site, and post how wonderful they think your recipes are. Ask for Mr. Dalessi and start getting more business.

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