Divi Builder stands as a cornerstone in web design, revolutionizing the WordPress theme landscape with its comprehensive and powerful capabilities. This visual drag-and-drop website builder for WordPress has made it possible to create stunning websites from scratch without needing to write a single line of code[1][2]. Notably, Divi can seamlessly integrate with any WordPress theme, highlighting its versatility and ease of use for both novices and professionals in the web design realm[2][6].

With Divi for WordPress, users are greeted with a risk-free 30-day trial, encouraging them to explore its vast array of features without any commitments[3]. The builder is not automatically enabled on new pages, requiring users to manually launch it, ensuring that each design choice is intentional and tailored[4][5]. This approach to website building, combined with the freedom to experiment visually on the front-end, positions Divi Builder as an essential tool for freelancers, agencies, and site owners looking to make an impact online[2].

The Divi Difference: Features That Set It Apart

Divi Builder stands out in the competitive landscape of WordPress themes due to its extensive array of features designed to cater to both novice users and seasoned developers. Here, we delve into the specifics that set Divi apart, emphasizing its versatility and power in web design and development.

Comprehensive Design Elements and Layouts

Divi provides over 200 design elements and more than 2,000 pre-designed layouts, making it one of the most versatile builders available. This vast selection enables users to create virtually any type of website, from blogs to e-commerce platforms, without any need for coding[7][8][12][13].

Seamless E-commerce Integration

For online retailers, Divi offers robust e-commerce solutions by integrating seamlessly with popular platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Easy Digital Downloads. This compatibility ensures that setting up an online store is streamlined and efficient[8][11][13].

Advanced Developer Features

Divi is not only about ease of use for non-coders. It also provides advanced features for developers, such as custom CSS and HTML capabilities, extensive API support, and the ability to create custom Divi modules. These tools allow developers to push the boundaries of website customization and functionality[6][10][12].

Marketing and Conversion Tools

To aid in effective marketing, Divi includes built-in split testing and conversion optimization tools. These features allow users to test different versions of their site to optimize user engagement and increase conversion rates directly within the Divi Builder[11].

Continuous Innovation and Support

Divi is backed by a promise of continuous updates and 24/7 premium support. This commitment ensures that users have access to the latest features and a helping hand whenever needed, making it a reliable choice for businesses of all sizes[6].

Community and Extensions

The platform benefits from a vibrant community of users and developers who continuously contribute to its ecosystem. This community has created hundreds of third-party Divi extensions and layouts, further extending the functionality and versatility of the Divi Builder[10][13].

No-Code Design and Workflow Optimization

Divi’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface caters to users who prefer a no-code design approach. Alongside, it offers various workflow tools like global styles and bulk editing, which significantly enhance productivity and design consistency across pages[1][3].

By integrating these diverse features, Divi not only simplifies the web design process but also enhances it, allowing users to create complex, feature-rich websites with ease. Whether you are building a simple blog or a comprehensive e-commerce platform, Divi provides the tools and resources needed to succeed in today’s digital landscape.

Building Visually with Divi: An In-depth Look

Divi Builder transforms the way websites are designed on WordPress by offering a robust visual drag-and-drop interface that simplifies the creation process. This section delves deeper into the mechanics and features of the Divi Builder, highlighting its flexibility and user-friendly nature for web design[2].

Key Components of Divi Builder

Sections, Rows, and Columns

At the core of Divi Builder are its fundamental building blocks: sections, rows, columns, and modules. Sections define the structural outline and come in three types: standard, fullwidth, or specialty, catering to diverse design needs. Rows within these sections can host various column layouts, which in turn organize the content modules like text, images, and sliders[2].

Modules: The Building Blocks of Content

Modules are versatile elements in Divi Builder, acting as the content containers. These include practical tools such as contact forms, sliders, and blurbs. The design changes applied to parent elements affect all child elements within, ensuring consistency and saving time during the design process[2].

Editing Interfaces and User Experience

Dual Interface Options

Divi Builder offers two primary interfaces: the visual builder and the backend builder. The visual builder allows for real-time design edits directly on the webpage, enhancing the ease of use and efficiency. Alternatively, the backend builder provides a more traditional approach to web design, suitable for users who prefer to work with abstract layouts[3][5].

Responsive Editing System

With a growing need for mobile-responsive websites, Divi Builder incorporates a responsive editing system. This feature enables designers to adjust visual elements across different devices, ensuring a seamless user experience whether viewed on desktops, tablets, or smartphones[4].

Advanced Design Features

Visual Editing and Customization

Divi’s visual editing capabilities are extensive, offering drag-and-drop functionality, inline text editing, and custom CSS control. These features allow users to fine-tune every detail of their site’s aesthetics and functionality, catering to both novice users and experienced developers[1].

Efficient Design Management

To streamline the design process, Divi Builder includes features like global elements and styles, comprehensive design options, and the ability to save and manage designs. These tools help maintain design consistency across pages and make site-wide updates more manageable[1].

Practical Tools for Optimization

The builder also supports advanced site optimization tools such as history tracking, auto saves, and browser backups, which safeguard the design progress. The quick page creation feature alongside the zoom out function makes managing larger site structures straightforward[10].

By leveraging these sophisticated tools and features, Divi Builder empowers users to craft visually stunning and highly functional websites without needing to delve into complex coding. This in-depth look at Divi’s capabilities showcases why it remains a top choice for web designers using the WordPress platform.

Divi’s Vast Library: Elements, Layouts, and Templates

Divi Builder offers an expansive collection of elements, layouts, and templates that cater to a wide variety of website designs and functionalities. This vast library is designed to assist users in creating visually appealing and highly functional websites swiftly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Elements and Modules

Divi provides over 200 unique elements and modules that users can utilize to craft their websites. These modules include versatile tools such as sliders, buttons, testimonials, and forms, which are essential for a dynamic web presence[16].

Extensive Layout Options

The platform boasts more than 2,000 layouts and 360 layout packs, facilitating the rapid creation of websites across various niches. These layouts are categorized into numerous themes like art & design, business, education, and more, ensuring that users can find the perfect design for any project[16][17].

Pre-Made Layouts for Quick Deployment

With over 2500+ ready-made layouts available, Divi allows users to quickly launch both one-page and multi-page websites. These layouts are directly accessible within the Divi Visual Builder, making it convenient for users to implement and customize them as needed[5][20].

Saving and Reusing Custom Designs

The Divi Library serves as a crucial toolkit for users who wish to save and reuse their custom modules, layouts, sections, or rows. Items saved in the library can be set with specific settings and designated as global, which enables them to be synced across various parts of the website. This feature significantly enhances efficiency by allowing users to maintain consistency throughout their site[19].

Easy Management of Library Items

Managing saved items is straightforward with Divi. Users can access, edit, and organize their library items from theDivi > Divi Library page in the WordPress Dashboard. To add a library item to a page, users simply click the “Add From Library” tab when adding a new module, row, or section[19].

Divi Marketplace for Additional Resources

The Divi Marketplace further extends the library’s capabilities by offering additional modules, layouts, and themes developed by third-party creators. This marketplace enriches the available resources, providing users with even more options to customize and enhance their websites[1][18].

Specialized Collections for Enhanced Creativity

Divi Den Pro, as part of the extended offerings, includes a comprehensive collection of 2798 premium layouts and modules. This collection features 686 full-page layouts, theme builder layouts, and navigation menus, named after iconic figures like Barbra, Olena, Grace, and more, offering a wide range of aesthetic and functional choices[21].

Additional Express Layouts

Divi Express contributes to the library with specialized categories such as Divi Headers, Footers, Coming Soon Pages, and 404 Pages. It includes layout categories like Corporate, E-Commerce, Portfolio, and more, each equipped with specific elements like Hero, Card, Content, and Gallery to meet diverse design needs[22].

By leveraging these extensive resources, Divi Builder empowers users to create customized, sophisticated websites without the need for deep coding knowledge, making it a top choice for both novice and professional web designers.

Divi for Everyone: Freelancers, Agencies, and Site Owners

Divi Builder is not just a tool for creating websites; it’s a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of various users including freelancers, agencies, and site owners. Each group benefits from specific features designed to streamline their web design processes and enhance their online presence.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse User Groups

Web Design Agencies

Agencies can leverage Divi’s role editor to manage client permissions effectively, ensuring clients have the appropriate access without compromising the site’s integrity[23]. Additionally, Divi provides collaboration tools that enhance teamwork, allowing agency members to work seamlessly on projects, regardless of their physical location[23].

Web Design Freelancers

For freelancers, the visual builder is a game-changer, simplifying the process of site creation with its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This allows freelancers to deliver high-quality, creative websites rapidly, meeting client demands efficiently[23].

Small Business Owners

Divi offers a no-code solution that empowers small business owners to take charge of their website design. This approach is particularly beneficial for owners who wish to maintain an active role in the digital representation of their business without needing to learn coding[23].

Online Store Owners

E-commerce capabilities are robust within Divi, providing store owners with the tools necessary to design attractive, functional online shops that drive sales. The integration with popular e-commerce platforms ensures a smooth operation and an optimal shopping experience for users[23].

Comprehensive Divi Offerings

Divi Products and Services

The Divi ecosystem includes a wide range of products and services designed to enhance web design and functionality. These include the Divi Theme & Builder, Divi Marketplace, Divi Cloud, Divi AI, Divi Teams, Divi Hosting, and Divi VIP, all of which contribute to a versatile and powerful web design experience[7].

Special Discounts and Community Support

Users can enjoy significant savings with a 50% discount on Divi Pro when they join today, making it more accessible for all types of users[7]. Additionally, Divi boasts a large and active community. This community support, coupled with extensive resources like Facebook groups, user examples, and an affiliate program, provides invaluable networking and learning opportunities[16].

Storage and Collaboration

Divi Cloud offers cloud storage solutions specifically for Divi designers, which enhances workflow and accessibility[18]. For agencies, Divi Teams provides a collaborative platform that supports seamless teamwork and project management[18][16].

By catering to the specific needs of freelancers, agencies, and various site owners, Divi Builder ensures that each user can maximize their web design efficiency and effectiveness. These targeted solutions help maintain Divi’s position as a leading tool in the web design industry, suitable for a wide range of web design and development activities.

E-commerce Simplified with Divi

Divi Builder equips online store owners with comprehensive ecommerce features, streamlining the process of selling products and designing personalized websites. The platform’s versatility is showcased through its array of modules specifically crafted for creating detailed product pages, efficient shopping carts, and other essential eCommerce elements[8][17][23].

Key E-commerce Features in Divi

1. Diverse Modules for Online Stores

Divi offers a selection of modules that are essential for building an online store. These include modules for product pages, which allow for detailed descriptions and vivid imagery, and shopping cart modules, which facilitate a smooth checkout process for customers[8][17].

2. Conversion-Boosting Tools

To enhance the effectiveness of online stores, Divi includes features like A/B Testing and Condition Options. These tools help in optimizing the user experience and increasing conversion rates. Additionally, the integration with social media and support for various email marketing services expand the reach and engagement of the store[8][17].

3. Comprehensive Templating System

Divi Builder offers a robust website templating system that uses the power of its Visual Builder. This system allows for the customization of various website components including headers, footers, product templates, and more, ensuring a cohesive and branded online presence[6].

Advanced Hosting and Express Features

Divi Hosting

For online stores, speed and reliability are crucial. Divi Hosting provides fast WordPress hosting specifically optimized for Divi websites, ensuring that ecommerce sites run smoothly and load quickly for all users[18].

Divi Express Tools

Divi Express enhances the ecommerce experience with tools like Express Extra, Divi Subpages, and Divi Super Heroes. These tools offer additional functionalities and design options that help in crafting unique and effective online stores[22].

By leveraging these features, Divi Builder not only simplifies the creation of ecommerce sites but also enhances their functionality, making it an ideal choice for online store owners looking to establish or expand their digital presence.

Optimization and Conversion Tools within Divi

Divi Leads: A/B Testing and Conversion Optimization

Divi Leads is a powerful tool integrated within the Divi Builder, designed to enhance website performance through meticulous A/B testing and conversion optimization[25][24]. This system allows users to compare two versions of a page to determine which one performs better in terms of user engagement, such as clicks and sales, thereby enabling data-driven decisions to optimize conversion rates[24].

Key Features of Divi Leads:

  1. A/B Testing Capability: Users can test different elements on their pages, including value propositions, customer testimonials, and the positioning or size of sales buttons. This helps in identifying the most effective elements that drive user engagement and conversions[24].
  2. Detailed Engagement Statistics: Divi Leads tracks and provides analytics on clicks, sales, bounce rates, and other relevant user engagement metrics. This data is crucial for understanding which version of the page performs better and why[12][24].
  3. Goal Setting and Tracking: The tool allows for specific goals to be set, such as increasing the number of clicks on a sales button, and tracks these goals to measure success directly[24].
  4. Proven Success: Implementations of Divi Leads have shown significant improvements in conversion metrics. For example, a test on the Divi Theme demo resulted in over a 100% increase in click-through conversions to the sales page[24].

Divi AI: Enhancing Web Design with Artificial Intelligence

Divi AI is set to revolutionize the way websites are built by integrating artificial intelligence with the Divi Builder. This tool assists in automating design processes, making web development faster and more efficient[18][16].

Advantages of Divi AI:

  • Automated Design Choices: Divi AI helps in making design decisions, potentially reducing the time and effort spent on creating aesthetically pleasing and functional websites[18].
  • Enhanced User Experience: By leveraging AI, Divi can offer design suggestions that are likely to improve user engagement and satisfaction[16].

Setting Up and Running Divi A/B Tests

Implementing effective A/B testing involves several critical steps to ensure meaningful results and actionable insights:

  1. Defining Objectives: Clearly define what you want to achieve with each test, such as increasing user engagement or sales[26].
  2. Selection of Elements for Testing: Identify which elements of your site could potentially influence the goals you have set. This could include anything from text content to images and layout of call-to-action buttons[26].
  3. Using Analytics Tools: Set up tracking with tools like Google Analytics or Divi’s built-in options to monitor how users interact with different test variations[26].
  4. Analysis and Iteration: After running tests for a predetermined period, analyze the results to determine which variation achieved the highest performance metrics. Use these insights to make informed design changes and continuously improve the site[26].

By utilizing Divi’s robust optimization and conversion tools, users can significantly enhance their website’s performance, ensuring it not only looks good but also effectively achieves its business objectives.

Staying Ahead: The Future of Divi

Divi Builder is set to enhance its capabilities significantly with the upcoming release of Divi 5.0, focusing on foundational improvements that promise to redefine the user experience and expand developer opportunities. This section explores the anticipated advancements and new features that will keep Divi at the forefront of web design technology.

Key Updates in Divi 5.0

Performance Enhancements

Divi 5.0 is engineered to improve the overall performance of the Visual Builder and the speed at which web pages load. Users can expect a more responsive design experience and quicker front-end page loads, which are crucial for handling complex designs and large websites[27].

New Builder API

With the introduction of a new Builder API, Divi 5.0 will empower developers to create custom modules, settings, and features, offering more flexibility and control over website design and functionality[27].

Improved Backend Framework

The update includes a significant overhaul of Divi’s backend framework. This change will clean up technical debt accumulated over the years and enhance the rendering mechanism, making the builder faster and more efficient[27].

Modern Storage Format

Migrating away from shortcodes, Divi 5.0 will adopt a modern storage format, which will streamline the way data is handled and stored within the platform. This shift is expected to improve site performance and facilitate easier maintenance[27].

Anticipated Features in Divi 5.0

Enhanced User Interface

The upcoming version promises a design review and polish, offering a simpler, lighter, and more intuitive interface. Features like Dark Mode and customizable color schemes will also be available, providing a more personalized and comfortable design environment[18].

Global Colors and Divi Presets

Divi 5.0 will introduce Global Colors and Divi Presets, tools that will allow users to maintain consistency in design across different elements and pages with ease[18].

Layers View

A new Layers View feature will be added, enhancing the ease of managing and navigating between various design elements on a page[18].

Divi AI and Divi Cloud

AI-Powered Design Tools

Divi AI offers smart tools that learn from user interactions to provide suggestions and automate design tasks, thereby simplifying the web design process and helping users achieve optimal results with less effort[6].

Cloud-Based Storage Solutions

Divi Cloud acts like a Dropbox for Divi websites, where users can store and manage their favorite design elements and layouts. This feature not only secures design assets but also makes them readily accessible, enhancing workflow efficiency[6].

Future Release Phases

Divi 5.0 will roll out in phases, starting with an Alpha version for plugin developers, allowing for thorough testing and feedback before the final release to all users. This phased approach ensures stability and user satisfaction with the new features[28].

By focusing on performance, flexibility, and user-friendly design enhancements, Divi 5.0 is poised to offer a more powerful, efficient, and enjoyable web design experience. These advancements demonstrate Divi’s commitment to staying ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring that it remains a top choice for web designers and developers worldwide.


Throughout this exploration of Divi Builder and its impact on web design, it’s clear that Divi is more than just a tool; it’s a comprehensive platform that empowers users at every level — from novices to professionals — to create visually stunning and highly functional websites without the need for extensive coding knowledge. The array of features, ranging from the user-friendly drag-and-drop interface to the vast library of elements, layouts, and templates, underscores Divi’s commitment to simplifying the web design process while offering advanced capabilities for those who seek them. The anticipation surrounding the release of Divi 5.0 further highlights the platform’s ongoing evolution and its dedication to meeting the needs of a diverse user base.

As we look to the future, Divi’s continuous innovation, coupled with its robust community support, sets a benchmark for what can be expected from web design platforms. The expansion into e-commerce, optimization tools, and the integration of artificial intelligence with Divi AI are indicative of Divi’s forward-thinking approach. For freelancers, agencies, and site owners alike, Divi Builder remains an invaluable asset in crafting digital experiences that engage, convert, and stand out in an increasingly competitive digital landscape. Whether you’re taking your first steps into web design or are a seasoned developer, Divi Builder offers the tools and resources to bring your creative visions to life efficiently and effectively. To view more blog posts about Divi or other related topics, visit our website’s blog section.


Q: Is Divi considered one of the top WordPress themes available?
A: Yes, Divi, along with Avada, is highly regarded and ranks among the top WordPress themes. They are favored for their popularity, reasonable pricing, WooCommerce support, and a plethora of additional features. If you don’t require a unique or entirely custom theme, Divi is a solid choice.

Q: Which WordPress theme holds the title of being the most widely used worldwide?
A: Divi is recognized as the most popular WordPress theme globally, with a user base exceeding one million. Other notable themes include Jevelin, Soledad, Kalium, Astra, Ultra, Kadence, and OceanWP, each excelling in different aspects such as minimalism, blogging, and more.

Q: Should I opt for the Divi theme or just the Divi Builder plugin?
A: The Divi theme encompasses a broader range of settings and gives you greater control over your website compared to the Divi Builder plugin. If you choose the Divi theme, there is no need to use the plugin additionally, as the theme already includes all the features of the builder.

Q: When comparing Divi Builder with Elementor, which is more suitable for beginners?
A: Elementor is generally more user-friendly for beginners than Divi Builder. It requires no coding expertise, thanks to its no-code page-building approach. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes the design process easier and less complicated.


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